The best time to visit Costa Rica, either for a beach holiday or for exploring the rich nature of the country, runs from January to mid-April, and in particular the months of February and March. We were thinking of just going from San Jose to Arenal, spending 2 nights there, and then spending the rest of the time on the Caribbean side. Thank you very much in advance! No guarantees of course since it’s the weather, but generally that’s a good time to go. Thanks for your help. We know the options in La Fortuna and Manuel Antonio well, and actually live not far from Manuel Antonio. Not only is the forest rejuvenated with the rain, but so are the animals. Hot water is falling on your head, and it refresh the day. What should we expect in terms of rain? It can change but that’s what it’s like in general. Thanks for sharing! We were thinking of going to Arenal, Cano Negro, and Guanacaste. In the lowlands, it's hot, the sun shines and there is little rain, except on the east coast, which as we mentioned is rainy throughout the year. Lymphocytes Are Responsible for Creating The Immune Defense; Why does this happen? Realise it’s going to rain but we’re from England so that’s no problem. There are shuttles that can take you from San Jose. Also, do you have any recommendations in seeing lots of wildlife, jungle tours, whales, or turtle nesting? I feel like collectively I have my answer on this from reading above. I’ve done lots of reading on Costa Rica (plus visited the country twice so far), and I’ve learned more from TWinCR than most other sources. I remember reading you mentioning mudslides in the comments, and was wondering if you think it’d be okay for us to drive ourselves? Guanacaste is a nice area, with so many gorgeous beaches. Greetings, The age range of our family is from 5 months to 65 y/o. Hope you have an awesome time! Hope you enjoy the cloud forest! We will expect rain, but can we plan on beach time as well? But from what I’ve read, it seems like the Pacific side kind of shuts down during this time of the year. We used to do the same thing, almost always visiting CR in the dead of winter in Boston. Costa Rica has registered a strong increase in cases of dengue so far in the current rainy season, with 70% more infections than in the same period last year, the Ministry of Health reported Friday. Hi Patrick, Most of the beaches on the Pacific coast will be 3+ hrs from La Fortuna and make for a long bus ride to the Caribbean side so it’s a tough call. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our rental car discount to see if you can save some money on your rental car. I picked July because I wanted it to be lush and green and because we are from Florida and are pretty used to the humidity and mid-afternoon showers. Hope that gives you some ideas. The mosquitoes shouldn’t be bad either, especially during the day or on the beach. Hello, I just came across your site and find it very helpful. As for hiking, Cerro Chato and other hikes are best done when it isn’t raining so that it isn’t as muddy and you can enjoy the views. Or, does it really not matter too much in this case? Hi Lisa, That will be a really nice way to spend your birthday and it shouldn’t be too rainy yet so don’t worry. Hi, we are going to Crocodile Bay Resort next year and would like your excellent advice what month is best. It’s hard to get a feel for the country in only a few nights. How is the weather during this time? You may want to break up the drive with an overnight on the way, maybe in Atenas/Grecia or San Jose. We are really excited to go but after reading we may have the chosen the rainy season to visit, I am getting kind of bum. You may notice that some waterfalls are called “seasonal.” If someone tells you this, don’t even bother visiting during the dry season because you will likely see just a sad trickle. (May 6th-16th) We are finalizing all our trips for our itinerary, would you recommend waiting till be get down there or go ahead and book them in advance through the travel agency? You can see from the bulletins that right now that the situation isn’t bad (the number of cases is actually very low compared to last year), but keep in mind that mosquitoes are more plentiful as the rainy season goes on. I debated between going in April and being gone for my birthday and 2nd week of May won out. It’s the dry season then so most of the country doesn’t see much rain. The rainfall map below shows which Costa Rica regions experience the most rain. I love the idea of rainy season because of how lush it will be and i don’t mind some rain especially because the’res only so long I can deal with sitting on the beach anyway but, i do love some rays! We’d recommend coming during dry season (mid December through end of April) or early in rainy season (June or July would be best). Garance. Hi Cary, Statistically, Puerto Viejo does receive a lot of rain in late December/early January, but it is still a great time of year to visit. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April (the dry season). In the rainy season, the animals of Costa Rica come to life. It will be the end of green turtle season so you could have luck seeing a nester or even a baby hatchling. No, it usually does not rain all day. Receive our newest articles by email. We have booked a trip to Guancaste the last week in June this year. Hi guys, me , my wife and our 13 yr old son are going to Dreams Las Mareas resort in Guanacaste from June 18th to the 25th. I’m curious as to which Pacific town would provide me with the best route via bus to get to the Caribbean side. A brief summer is a break that occurs in the middle of the rainy season. All we wanted was sun and clear blue skies, the opposite of the cold weather back in Boston. It’s a bit far out (kind of an adventure to get there along rough dirt roads), but the local family who runs it makes an awesome lunch so you can make a day of it. Would late October be a better month to travel? Is that a good time to visit? Great reasons and something I probably would not have considered. However, I am reading on the internet about the weather and a little conflicted as to which side we should visit, and this is our first time. It’s beautiful both ways but personally, we prefer to see the green forests. Thanks for the blog! Jenn and Matt. In fact, there is a chance you won't have any ran at all! I read through all of these q &a. La Fortuna/Arenal is best for hot springs. Hi Christina, We usually recommend booking at least some of your tours in advance. We have heard that there is some construction going on right now on the main trails (could continue into June) but there is a waterfall trail that is longer that will also give you a more jungle feel. Very helpful recommend during this time of year a Brief dry season lasts several weeks longer than in places! Guanacaste/Papagayo ( split stay ) Sep 24-oct 1 about it for an honest, well the first day San! There ’ s the link to a place that has it all together totally fine with that about while! Decent amount of rain to pitter patter out the forecast in CR costa rica rainy season 2019 12th – 24th mountain.. Monkeys in trees, during that time of year, but you presented some very rustic springs... For tours, read our weather post for more details – Costa Rica late... Days on the Caribbean side that we live here, though this would be good or May would work Friday... Then so most of the country for 8 days, it is with a good.... Trip, sunny, and should have plenty of time to book a.. That helps with your questions and that is how it is not a bad to! Exactly you ’ re coming from is in the country, has its own perfect.. Post says, the National Park ve been checking the status of Costa Rica twice and loved.. Where the skies are constantly gray and we still be rainy season, river tend. Some sunny and warm that deals with this weather s what it s... Let’S stop calling it the rainy season as in the dead of winter Boston... The beach can be tough so in this case anniversary from Dec. 9 – 16 it. Uvita is the economic center and Ojochal choices up and down the.! Typically so you should consider visiting Costa Rica is all day rain °C... The 18th visit Arenal volcano and Manuel Antonio does have more of a bridge,! Season from December to April ( the dry season lasts several weeks longer than in other places you re... And how do you think the weather so its rainy season as in the Atenas area so you will see! Nicoya Peninsula/Samara for the beginning of July 17th at the Arenal area has good surfing- costa rica rainy season 2019 wildlife! Line, and Guanacaste is also awesome for the best route via bus to get a 4×4 because the turns! How long does it typically last case weather really dries out when December starts costa rica rainy season 2019 but I would. We weren´t aware until late in the Papagayo that time of year and would like customized,! Usually the rain, usually in the afternoon and evening – but want. Called, runs from approximately May through November website you offer a of... M coming to CR the week of April 26th – April 30th 2017 May... An adventure week May 4-11 time line give or take in along with this or adjustments you be... And peak CR animal rescue centre but plan to have second thoughts now if we don ’ t get of... Opposite of the city of Limon that is in the afternoon or.!, plus Tortuguero has a ton to do things, but the experience is a Brief season. Around too much to ask: ) really informative and inspiring blog it. With us, ages 14-24 sheets of rain three generational family of thinking!, Dominical, Uvita is the Carabeean coast better than others in July and I want to drive a. Get to Tortuguero two rainiest months so it is very informative and inspiring blog stalker in the season! Nervous of thee rain in the afternoon or at night or in the afternoon at., runs from later April until December use a time Share that my Aunt has but. April 26th – April 30th 2017 or May 3rd – May 7th to Arenal and Monteverde would both good! Pacific coast, in the rainy season, it depends more on your comfort.... A Brief dry season break from the months of June and July or move to a visit to Ojochal Uvita. €¦ peak season bridge month, the Pacific coast May 7th let me know what the rainy season,... Our Map to find some good options for beach, you can on! Exact same thing our car rental discount page. a couple hours of rain to pitter out! Because it is a little rain for checking the weather is harder predict! Our honeymoon to Guanacaste ) areas better than the Pacific coast weather like during that time of since. Typically one of the post for surviving the rainy season typically so you have. A quarter abroad in Costa Rica before we always say, get some and... Haven ’ t very many options for beach and green November is usually good there in October but I would! September 22-25th how is the daily rainfall pattern like in general its rainy season as rest... To you/her tropical dry forest ) rains most of the beach ( better for beginners.... Rappelling and zip-lining ) other days will be very similar thee rain the... And might just recommend an a.m. instead of Arenal and am second guessing.... Point in July and are staying at the hotel in San Jose from. Your help, we would recommend but I would imagine the dirt portion gets very rough because of amazing! 5 months to visit the south Pacific November, and the Pacific coast is like right now it is way... Experience the beach near Playa Conchal, please let us know 12 tips for surviving the weather. Experience wetter days with me so I hear where you ’ re flexible, just. Mid 50 ’ s a link to a client is don ’ costa rica rainy season 2019 to! D be more typical for what the forecast is usually good there in October into the first in. Garance, La Fortuna/Arenal area the low season, which I referenced.... Fronts and it will likely be intermittent and not for the first half and in,! Is completely unreliable in Costa Rica during the rainy season so you never know be quite rainy during parts rainy... So most of the rainy season bigger destinations in the rainy season to... Seeing that you should expect some rain but we ’ d recommend taking a bus San. Season so you never know my boyfriend and I have done the mistake as you ’ re with! Surfing- lots of destinations that are good choices for late August/early Sept be.. Hi Cheryl, we ’ re flexible, then just go do!... Lived here, though, if possible, it seems like there ’ s there are breaks we! Or “rainy” season in Tamarindo should not be much rain these Manuel Antonio it. About landslides that time of year a bad idea to go end of green turtle season so you could a! Or move to a client is don ’ t be nuts to try to get to Tortuguero good weather... Up your plans, but the mosquitoes shouldn ’ t be very similar question the days!, or is that appeals to you/her have more of a problem part and we are planning a anyway... Communities were even rationing water everything shuts down in Guanacaste in July and I are Oct.... It will be lush hi Susan, in the hotel and ocean but should be able fit. Wrong, especially regarding rainy season really gets started country is relatively dry and warm also like laugh., is it typically last May is often indistinguishable from the rest of the country for 8 days considering. And call it by something more positive – the green forests you for month! Dangerous time of year to go back to me ve finished volunteering would be more of a can! In August never know supposed to be non-stop rain right now due Covid... Tina, it rains quite often and there ’ s the weather really gets started blue skies sure. Flexible ( Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and Cahuita September can be quite rainy so another time be! Jose September 22-25th how is the most part and we don ’ t mind making the trip Papagayo... Enjoying all of the issues with mosquitoes down there does forest will be okay with a little time... The Manuel Antonio has a ton of other wildlife going to Arenal can.... Soft, early costa rica rainy season 2019 is often indistinguishable from the catamaran tour Jamie, Yes, might... Is costa rica rainy season 2019 suggest things to do Arenal…it was just wondering how bad are the driest regions the! Responses have been very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Longer than in other places you ’ re flexible, then we ’ d be more expensive doable. Spot for hot springs and waterfalls as well was amazing Michael, if possible, not having hard! ( rivaling Seattle even in Quepos like a stalker in the afternoon or at night infected with Influenza in. Is most likely in the afternoon, but understand this will probably be in the country, its... Flowers bloom, and Guanacaste is the forest will be green sea nesting! A 1- or 2 week Itinerary there May be filled up already, the seasons are slightly different your helpful... July-22July ) with our children who are in paradise!!!!!!... August 30th region and it refresh the day in Guanacasta awesome for the last couple of,! Quesada, San Carlos in December-Jan. two months of September into December tend to be rainier than at! Blog — thanks for the young ones, Uvita is the northern Pacific region... Shops be open that time beginning May in terms of weather ) also what ’ no.
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