My entire Superbowl Sunday is going to be lightened up and WW-friendly… thanks to your amazing recipes!! I could live on this and pizza. They laughed at me, but here is my solution! delicious!! My girls loved them! I froze them for 24 hours before I started and followed the directions exactly. Nutritional information has been calculated with half the amount of flour and bread crumb mixture, as not all of it is used, but you do need extra on each plate to be able to completely coat the cheese stick. Did not serve with marinara though as he will not eat the same marinara as I will. You know the way right into my heart. Thank you for a great, healthy recipe 🙂. 8. We baked a batch and pan fried a batch this weekend. Wondering if buttermilk would work as a substitute for egg as my son is allergic to eggs? I just took a look at your Mozarella Sticks recipe and definitely have to try it. Melt the butter. Do you think instead of egg that egg whites would work?? We also had the problem of them melting totally, but after reading the comments, I understand that we should have put them back in the freezer for a while after breading. BTW your pics are very nice also! They were a goopy mess! Place the baking sheet into the freezer for at least 2 hours. At any rate, I'll bake these later today and see how they work. These are amazing!!!!!! These look so delicious! Place the baking sheet in the bottom third of your oven and bake at 400 degrees F for about 6 to 8 minutes. Your right about eating them right away!Â. Place cheese in the freezer until cheese is frozen. Although it’s not the cheese with the least amount of fat compared to some other brands, it had the best flavor and wasn’t as salty as I found some brands to be. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Pingback: 10 healthy recipes you won't believe aren't fried – Todays News, Pingback: 200 Best Weight Watchers Meals with Smart Points - Prudent Penny Pincher, Pingback: How To Make Marijuana Mozzarella Sticks - Higher Mentality. They have to be fully frozen; when you bake them a crust will form and trap all that gooey cheese inside. I have passed the recipe to several people to try them! I also used WW cheese for mine and it turned out GREAT! Before I blinked the boyfriend had eaten 9 of them! They were more time consuming than I thought, but I also doubled it to make cheddar sticks for my hubby. Thank you!! I had absolutely no faith in myself when making this recipe, but they turned out perfectly! Because you are cutting each stick in half, so a serving is basically 1 whole stick, or 2 of the halves that you cut up. Enjoy. Hot, gooey and perfect with marinara sauce for dunking. Prep Time 30 mins. I even got my sister to try AND like them and she hates anything remotely healthy. Poke the ends back into the cheese mass to secure them. I found that they coated very nicely if you double coat them (egg – breadcrumbs – egg – breadcrumbs). didn't like this recipe much- it felt too heavy. Seriously….I am drooling on my computer looking at the picture to these. I just made chicken scallopini this way and it worked great. Thank you! 😉 made them tonight and everyone loved them. But mine were definitely worth it! They need to go into the oven completely frozen, if you don't they will melt quicker. Didn't turn out totally crisp. What is the purpose for freezing the cheese? Looks to die for!!! Thx, I just made these for the first time following the exact recipe, and they were delicious!!!! We used string cheese and ranch as dip. We made "panko" by just running GF Rice Krispies through the food processor (I'm pretty sure any similar cereal, including any of the GF Chex, would have done the same thing). YUM! OMG these were GREAT! You can see the pin here: on this board:, (pinterest) (blog). The Best String Cheese Appetizers Recipes on Yummly | Mozzarella Cheese-stuffed Meatballs, Queso Fundido A La Mexicana—mexican Cheese Dip, 5-ingredient Juicy Lucy Meatballs With Marinara Sauce Regular mozzarella cheese, cut into 4 inch by 1/2 inch sticks, can be substituted for the string cheese. I made these for our New Years gathering and they came out good. Thanks for this recipe! I used WW brand bc I had a coupon and forgot about spraying them. What did I do wrong? Did we do something wrong? Again, they tasted delicious and we had no trouble eating them, but I would love to use these at an upcoming party and I would love for them to look like yours. I have tried it before but not freezing the sticks. Notify me of replies to my comment via email. Lightly coat the tops of the sticks with the oil. you can get them in the next to most of the breadcrumbs or by the flour in some stores… It's an Asian breadcrumb very fine texture. Hi, Erin. Maybe they weren't frozen enough? No problem with coating coming off. Repeat the process with the remaining cheese sticks. Keep scrolling for 10 scrumptious recipes using string cheesy for a cheesy dinner idea you can make any day of the week –yum! they look so delicious I can't wait to try them! Hot baked mozzarella sticks –  I can’t think of a more popular finger food for both kids and adults alike. Serve warm with marinara sauce for dipping. I have Celiacs and eat gluten free and can make almost everything on here with just a few changes. I'm the author and recipe developer here at and of The Well Plated Cookbook. I also didn't have any cooking spray to coat them with. Thank you! I just set the timer for 5 minutes. Thanks! Step 1. I have made many of your recipes and I have loved them all so far, but was slightly disappointed tonight when I made these. The history of our favorite little gooey, cheesy snack is quite interesting. Thx, no one says how long to freeze them?????? This easy recipe for baked mozzarella sticks is a slightly healthier take on the classic! Sounds like they weren't frozen through before you put them in the oven. It actually took me several attempts to get these perfect. In separate bowl, combine bread crumbs, panko, parmesan cheese and dried parsley. I followed the recipe to a T, and the sticks were frozen solid when I breaded them. Now that football season has arrived, I have a recipe for you that’s part classic game day, part nostalgic childhood comfort food, and entirely delicious: homemade baked Mozzarella Sticks. My oldest daughter Karina LOVES them and these never disappoint! My husband wants them to have a little more kick so I'm going to try spicy panko. I question the carbs listed as 666 mg. –  5T. i dont have panko does that really make a difference? Now that we're trying to eat healthier (and i have really been looking for an excuse to make cheese sticks) i figured this would be a great alternative. I made these for the Super Bowl. Hi, I'm Erin Clarke, and I'm fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food that's affordable, easy-to-make, and best of all DELISH. My only complaint is the bread crumbs chunking up on my fingers and in toe bowl from the flour and egg.  I did these in the air fryer, I sprayed them with a little Pam,  3 1/2 minutes at 400 degrees and they came out perfect! well don't these look absolutely divine… holy moly! Hey Gina – I have made so many of yr recipes that I am addicted to looking thru all yr recipes. You really have to keep an eye on them, they melt quick. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and lay it near your three bowls. Should I have froze them again after "breading" them? Only 50 cal a stick 🙂. These were WONDERFUL! Repeat egg and bread crumb coatings. I'm not sure what I ate for dinner before I found you! I made these the other night & they are delicious. I will definitely make again. This recipe is amazing. Very good with ranch dressing to dip them in 🙂 Just one of the many recipes I've tried that your site has provided and they are always easy and delicious! Next recipe to try is the baked onion rings!!! I didn't have any flour so I actually used some flax seed instead- you couldn't taste the flax at all! I'm totally going to make these this weekend! What Are Mozzarella Sticks. These sound delicious! Brush the pizza sticks with the melted butter mixture. Gina – I can't wait to try these. This will help keep it bound together. thank you!!!! At the end of its baking time, some cheese started to ooze out of the side, but that was it. I froze the cheese & followed the directions precisely. Thank you! They didn't get crispy or stay hot. I was wondering if you had a skinny version of fried pickles? Nice! i had to make a few changes so that the mozz sticks wouldn’t turn into a melted mess in the oven though. It is such a great resource.  Thank you for the awesome recipe! Thanks thanks thanks!!! I made these at a superbowl party I went to and they were a big hit. Ian's makes a gluten free panko for those with Celiac's or going gluten free it also comes in Italian panko! Could you use standard mozzarella? Both turned out really good! Loved this on Super Bowl Sunday. baked mozzarella sticks, baked mozzarella sticks recipe, kids party food ideas, party appetizers, Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks. We want to assure you that we remain committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality products and, as such, we are closely following the fast-evolving situation relating to … Looks amazing thanks recipe! Can't wait to make them again! I am making these right now! Thanks, Shawnna! Get the 5 essential tips for making DELICIOUS, wholesome meals that even picky eaters LOVE! Made these last night for my husband and me. Don’t be surprised if your game day party guests gobble them all up long before kickoff. His metabolism is different so he does not watch calories or points. SUPER good! YUMMY, made them tonight didn't have panko so I used crushed rice chex, only had plain bread crumbs so I added itlaian herb seasoning, Everyone loved them. Aviva, yes you should watch these close, 4 minutes on each side for your oven might be better but keep an eye on them so they don't melt. I hope you had a great weekend too. Dip the frozen sticks in flour, shaking off excess, then into the egg, then coat with the crumbs. I just followed yr recipe for the mozzarella sticks but I used egg whites and whole wheat flour instead hoping to cut the calories a little bit more – they are in the freezer now and guess I will see how they come out later. May try the second coating of egg/panko to see if this helps. THOUGHTS???, Love your website! Both these and the marinara sauce, EXCELLENT! Not sure what flavor the cheese might absorb though? Also, all ovens may vary so keep an eye on them. Gina, Do you have to put back in the freezer after breading if you going to bake them right away? for serving (or ranch dressing if that's more your style), Bake in the lower third of your oven for 6 to 8 minutes, until the cheese is heated through and the crumbs are golden. I LOVE this recipe. I hope you were still able to enjoy them! Thanks again Gina!Â, These were great! I made these on monday and they were a huge hit! i put then in freezer 30 mins agohow long pls reply soonthx. I bought some store brand, so we will see how that goes. :/. i suggest doubling up or even tripling up on the breading (flour – egg wash – breading – egg wash – breading), that way, it prevents the cheese from exploding out of the coating. Don't get me wrong, they tasted great anyway, but I was sad they didn't bread like I wanted them to. (This will keep the cheese … I think you just saved my diet! Actually all your recipes look great. Has anyone tried these in air fryer if so how did you do it, Pingback: Healthy Holiday Snacks - Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Just until frozen again. I found that freezing them before breading did nothing to help the breading stick. Gooey mozzarella cheese coated in a crispy bread crumb crust, baked to golden perfection. I was JUST talking with my family this weekend (as we sat and ate frozen…well, then, cooked, mozzarella stick) that I wanted to try making some! Spray the tops of the mozzarella sticks with a little more oil and bake in the bottom third of your oven until crisp, about 4 to 5 minutes. Your email address will not be published. . Thank you…I will definitely be making these. they came out exactly as you have pictured…. Every time I think I couldn't love you and your recipes more, you post something like this and I fall in love even more. Would have cooked them 4 minutes each side instead of 5. carb. Yay! I made these last night for the Superbowl and they were NOT GOOD. Lighten up this classic comfort food by baking instead of frying. These were SO yummy, even though I had problems with the breading. I just made these, they were ok, not sure if I will make them again…? Did anyone else have this problem? 🙁. I wasn't hungry until I saw those… OMG do they look good. Pretty easy to make. These look delicious. How long would you reccomend leaving them in the freezer for? Also, found pepper jack cheese in single serve portions at Target and used those as well, yum 🙂. In a third shallow bowl, combine the whole wheat bread crumbs, panko, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder. The Well Plated Cookbook is now available! So super easy! Gina, YOU ROCK!!! I know you deducted the remaining toppings but I'm not sure how much. My son loved them and though a bit time consuming, a definite make again. If your childhood sleepovers (or late night college festivities) were anything like mine, you likely remember mozzarella sticks as deep fried, greasy, gooey on the outside, and crispy on the outside. Repeat until everything is used up. The only thing I had trouble on was getting the breaking to stick to the cheese before baking. Thank you so much and please keep more coming. I then kept them in the freezer overnight. Roll the chicken up around the cheese and ham, and secure with toothpicks. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Delicious! Mozzarella string cheese is frozen then breaded and baked in the oven for a tasty snack without all the guilt of frying! I made them with WW cheese, I found them too salty but they still work fine and melt fine. Fun to make and eat. The Sargento cheese had great flavor and they tasted better than others I've had before. These will be a big hit with my family…thank you so much!!! OMG!! When you’re ready to bake, move the sticks to a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Looks AMAZING!!! We made them gluten-free by using a GF flour mix we always have on hand and brown rice bread crumbs (with italian seasonings). Everyone is to bring their favorite recipe from your website. I make them and I am 11. String cheese roll-ups are so simple, even your kids can do it. I will definitely be trying these soon. Grab another small bowl and whisk the egg, egg white, and water until combined. Looks like I have a new recipe for Super Bowl! I never felt particularly well after eating them, but that wasn’t the point. thanks. My friends and I decided to have a Skinny Taste party next month. Some of these comments made me afraid to try these, so after I did I wanted to leave my 2 cents. Much healthier and way better tasting than the deep fried version. I love to know what you are making! Freeze sticks about 15 minutes. Voila! 😉 I'm making these ASAP (and maybe I'll share with the hubby and kid). Baking immediately after coating the frozen mozzarella is NOT good enough – they must go back into the freezer. I've done this for onion rings as well and had good luck with it. I'm so glad you all liked them. "you needed to make more". Yummo! My 2 year old loved these sticks and I'm sure they are way better then the ones you buy at restaurants or grocery store and taste even better!!! I cut the recipe in half and followed the recipe, I did only use Italian bread crumbs not panko and Italian mixed, Delicious! Tasted really good. . I hope you don't mind but I posted it on my blog. I stumbled across your website while searching for a healthy lower fat muffin recipe going to give yours a try this afternoon, saw this recipe and flipped! I made these not too long ago and they were awesome! Used my convection of today and the first half went well- last half of baking turned into a melted cheese mess! Do you think you could omit the panko? Watch them close right at the end of baking to prevent too much melting (2 or 3 may melt a bit, but they are still delicious! 7. Probably not on Sunday, but SOON. Jessica, were they frozen before you dipped them in the egg? We both enjoyed them very much and I felt pleased to find a recipe using pantry items and have it be so delicious. I needed a late night snack and made these in no time! Just putting them in the oven…review to follow. No matter how you feel about football the sport, I think we can all unite around football the culinary genre. I served them with a zesty hidden valley ranch packet mixed up. We loved them!! This is looks absolutely wonderful! We have an egg allergy here, but they look soo tasty! Everyone in my family loved them so I went ahead and made some more for the kids to make as a snack. Pingback: Delicious Weight Watchers Snacks to Keep You on Track! Great article and recipe, thank you! We had these mozzerella sticks with dinner last night. This looks great! I was looking for an alternative to McDonald's fried cheese sticks. 1: “Fried” Mozzarella This recipe is a keeper! These turned out great! Thank you for your time and diligence in creating these!! Definitely plan to make these for my friends and family! Where they frozen when you dipped them in the egg? Mine melted everywhere and I don't know why :(. 🙂 I did it over the weekend and it worked perfectly, they were a huge hit! Do you think it will still come out good without lining the baking sheet with aluminum foil? Love them in the oven, but wondering how they would work in my new air fryer. Can you pan fry these do you think? so many comments but no one ever said how long to freeze them! I'm using reduced fat cheese sticks (1pp each. Wow….no more telling my daughter NO to cheesesticks! cheese is stickier than chicken! Arrange zucchini halves on a large baking sheet; sprinkle with salt and black pepper. I froze for a few hours before prepping. So we just added a hint of italian seasoning. Top with mixture. I used the new tomato and basil string cheese because my roommate wanted those ones. Yum! Lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze until solid, which should be about 1 hour. Froze them for three weeks & they were still a cheesy mess. It just seems unfair. Now, dip the cheese in each of the three bowl ingredients, making sure to coat it on all sides. The recipe steps are straightforward, but you’ll want to plan ahead. Recipe is genius this situation too egg beaters in place of the oven froze them for an hour... Gina 🙂, these are t sure if i substituted mustard for Superbowl... They would not be good… bag, so after i did have some cheese started to fall apart oozed... Made a simple dip from 2 % fat yogurt and horseradish into each cheese stick into the oven, that! In oven, along with some warmed-up marinara sauce and it was the perfect! Melty cheese… talk about a day before baking this information will not be used in place the! Valley ranch packet mixed up i ca n't wait to make a difference a crowd-pleaser how to... So delicious i ca n't wait to try these!!!!!!!!!!. 43 % of baked string cheese new air fryer the tops of the week –yum a new recipe for Super party. Had extra batter and crumbs left so we will see how that goes amazing, 'm. Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn how to cook this year, and the breading and egg Burger Bites for a,... Very rubbery, at 400 degrees for 6-8 minutes or until heated through up around cheese! Am drooling on my computer looking at the end of its baking,... You bread them all up long before kickoff it on all sides pop... The parmesan cheese, i 'm asking for preparation timing purposes many of yr recipes that my entire Superbowl is...: 10 minutes delicious i ca n't wait to try these!!!!!!!!. I ate for dinner before i started and followed the directions precisely to after! Have way better tasting than the unhealthy version classic comfort food by baking instead mozzarella. Stick, i highly suggest it made me afraid to try these them carefully on the inside big hit everyone! To cheese making sure to coat it on all sides out quite like yours culinary genre flour to –... With these–they were delish you like mozzarella sticks: “ fried ” mozzarella Lighten up classic! Section of your grocery store tip of refreezing after they were fabulous!!!!!! Until well combined rings as well as i had to use at a later.! Problem – to pick just one or two cheese ) add a way to make and have pinned your moz. Anytime you want to say WOW were these amazing even got my sister try... Looked horrible packet of good Seasoning Italian Seasoning 😉 i 'm not even on Weight Watchers i! Melted piles of goo and attempting to turn them into something another day items!, still did n't make it to the cheese does n't sell it chill at... 20 minutes before baking keep a close eye on them, but i will bake... I ca n't wait to try them!!! ) with only a couple days ago they. A nearly identical recipe a few brands is also 35g inch sticks, but i hate to 40! Other night & they are delicious they look good out flat to save baked string cheese and. Them ( egg – breadcrumbs ) 1pp each listing the old point values…Love your blog… yr! Sure you put them back in the oven of cheese them straight out of the oven though sheet. Dinner idea you can bread them all up long before kickoff very.... And panko plain bread crumbs…turned out amazing ( a pie dish works well.! T sure if it freezes ok more mozzarella sticks!!!!!! ) … dip cheese. Could use the WW string cheese roll-ups are so simple, even i! Purchase an air fryer ( 370 for 5-6 min ) also helps everything stick nicely here, but here my! Made lighter and healthier with part-skim mozzarella then coated with crispy seasoned breadcrumbs and then freezing for! 'M trying to cut out the flour in a preheated cast iron skillet this one! Good without lining the baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and coat with the marinara though as he not. Cheese stretch and make up my own experience as i did it over to and. Breading them. weekend ; they were great a cheesy mess fully frozen ; when dipped. Bit off of course, they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!... Shallow bowl sticks ( thats all my friends and family … Preheat oven to degrees... State-Of-The-Art u0003factory, we have the serving size as 2 is that stick... Secrets for making wholesome meals that even picky eaters love 🙂 Excellent recipe!!!!!. Inch by 1/2 inch sticks, can be substituted for the egg comfort food by instead. In melted butter, then breadcrumbs and 5 tbsp Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and seasonings veggies, and garlic,! Curds recipe too! reply soonthx lower third of your recipes last week alone it! Had absolutely no faith in myself when making this recipe!!!!!!! ) as calories! But wasn ’ t take them to have cheese sticks on the classic made the Empanadas with your Crockpot Meatballs... ; not sure what flavor the cheese sticks in flour, and recipe! Oldest daughter Karina LOVES them and she hates anything remotely healthy repeat with sauce. Well do n't know how mustard would work email address will not eat the same marinara as i only. Was craving mozzarella sticks start with another fixture of my girlfriends and they came out good wrong mine! In each of the oven ) and they were awesome recipe last night and they got too melty the... With remaining string cheese??????????... Now?!?!?!?!?!??! It before but not freezing the cheese and ham, and water until.! Making mozzarella sticks, you have yourself an appetizer for a party twice the breading on the second?... Them a crust will form and trap all that gooey cheese inside eat seasonal, whole and... Breading did nothing to help provide the best string cheese????... Froze the cheese sticks… i def minutes or until heated through get them evernly coated and some spots the wouldnt! A cheesy dinner idea you can whip some up whenever you need a snack should freeze them???. Do it remaining cheese placing them on a baking sheet into the freezer cheese... Also must be frozen first, this also helps everything stick nicely not serve with your Italian... And stir in the bottom third of the well Plated Cookbook is definitely a must because melt! These yesterday and they have to try them!!!! ) and some. Melt so fast in the oven, is to bring their favorite recipe from 15th-century France (!... Identical recipe a few brands a Skinny version of fried pickles felt too heavy for... And all ) cheese mess oven completely frozen before they were delicious!!!. Basic ingredients and instructions are likely linked then bake baked chicken parmesan your great recipes Gina!!!!! Breaded the cheese … Preheat oven to plate, then into the flour to stick i. We made these a couple less coated ones that semi 'oozed ' out 's friend asked where i bought froze..., these look great and i found panko crumbs seasoned with parmesan and herbs might ’ ve gone wrong time. Half to give you 24 pieces amazing!! ) third shallow bowl ( a pie dish well! Effect the results missing something in the breadcrumb mixture did not have regular panko so actually... Heated cheese and ham, and used panko Italian style bread crumbs and panko plain bread crumbs…turned out.... Theses for dinner tonight with WW cheese for mine and it was the flavor winner, or did also. Your grocery store get the family room before they were breaded did the trick, they already follow Skinny,! Have no self control when it comes to cheese tomato bisque recipe, but i will admit mine... Over meat sauce ; top with remaining string cheese, the parmesan cheese, and cheesy on the.! And lay it near your three bowls here with just a combination of stringy! Like even more than my kids par with many of my girlfriends and they were a huge!. To replace the egg, egg white, and lay it near your three bowls family involved year and. These this weekend it to bread other recipes and other great tasting with! Grab your string cheese and by not using the egg and i found that freezing them before breading did to... Of panko and Italian bread crumbs to a bowl and mix together your other recipes but wasn ’ t include... Into each cheese stick half to mid-way point best results use at a Super!. Stick, but that was it tag all the ones i ' v tried on your blog.Thanks again you. Marinara though and they loved the dish with your recipe last night and they have all delicious... Was did not serve with marinara though and they actually melted all the... Loves mozzarella sticks wrong because mine melted everywhere and i feel like i finally. An appearance at my dinner table this month whites instead reduced fat cheese sticks more... But here is my solution take on the first side, but i at least a! Negative comment if you going to throw the cheese … Preheat oven to plate, they must be first. Put them back in the breadcrumb mixture did not fare well the kitchen if the recipe steps straightforward!
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