Pliny, N. H. iii. It asks, as many a frontispiece has done, to whom is this book dedicated? Catullus does not want Aurelius to have an affair with his lover Juventius. 101.1 101.2 101.3 101.4 101.5 101.6 101.7 101.8 101.9 101.10 A standard word to denote the setting-out in order of a historical account, used indeed by Nepos himself in the preface to his surviving work 'On excellent leaders of foreign races'; or any verbal description, written or spoken. For this reason have for yourself whatever this is of a little book. Its survival has been as precarious as his biography is brief. So that I might bestow you with the final gift of death quam cunctos alios, Marone dempto. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License. 16 and Aulus Gellius 17.21.3, Nepos wrote a work (now lost) entitled Chronica, which is presumably what Catullus is alluding to here, rather than any of his biographical prose works (some of which survive). It is dedicated to Cornelius Nepos, a historian and minor poet, though some consider Catullus's praise of Cornelius's history of the Italians to have been sarcastic. 1 quod o Itali: quod (